"Live a Passionate Life"
Pandalicious is the name
But it is also who I am
It define my Life and Styles
It is not just a name given
It became my personality.
The Heart is divided
Into pieces
May the wind blows
May it be taken a way
Happy and free
Wherever it goes
Whatever it touches
Or whoever it meets
Let it all be a part of me
Without the world mysteries
Without this world full of beauties
Without life meaningful philosophy
Without the creative art
Without the heart beating music
Without different people to see
Without dreams after dreams
Without all of this to keep my soul
Burning and burning in flame
I think my life would be pointless

Art and knowledge is the journey
Of my Mind, Heart and Soul

"Poem and Song paint a PICTURE,
Painting and Drawing tell a STORY.
Every words paint my life,
Every brush tell my story." - Pandalicious
Background Illustrations provided by: http://edison.rutgers.edu/